An exclusive Mesa solutions Webinar

Power Solutions: Reliability By the Numbers

Hosted by
Mesa Solutions
Amber Poth and
Tom Poteet

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August 29th
10:00 am MDT

Here is What You'll Learn...

Standby System Reliability

  • How to think about solutions
  • A quantitative approach to evaluating solutions
  • Scrape of applications

Overall Reliability of a Grid Plus Backup System(s)

  • Challenges to grid reliability improvement
  • Standby connectivity options
  • Backup system considerations

Reliability Formula for Standby Systems

The reliability formula for standby systems is based on the concept of redundancy, where multiple components are available to perform a specific function. The overall system reliability is calculated using the reliability of each individual component and their interconnections.

Availability vs. Reliability

Explore the crucial differences between availability and reliability in systems. Discover how these factors can impact the performance and uptime of your critical operations, and gain valuable insights to optimize your system's overall efficiency. Don't miss out on this informative session led by industry experts!

Utility Indexes vs. Reliability and Availability

  • Duration of Outages
  • Frequency of Outages
  • Froma. System Perspective
  • From a Customer Perspective

Cost Breakdown

  • Cost of an Outage
  • Cost of Standby System
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Cost Reduction from Market Play

About Tom Poteet

Tom Poteet is the VP of Corporate Development for Mesa Natural Gas Solutions. Tom’s purview in this role includes characterizing and casting the vision for the optimal use of natural gas powered generation, monitoring the innovation stream for future sources of site power, and development of customized rate plans and progressive field applications to meet customers’ needs and financial preferences. With over 30 years in engineering, Tom’s career has given him experience in electric power, telecommunications, and oil field production. Tom graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.


About Malcolm Taylor

Sustainable Power Solutions at Mesa Natural Gas Solutions

August 29th
10:00 am MDT